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Read an INTERVIEW with FREDDY VILLANO about the process and play here!


The Spirit of Christmas Present is influenced by the humanitarian vision of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  At the heart of Dicken’s story are his concerns about poverty and social injustice and while The Spirit of Christmas Present only deals with such themes indirectly, we do believe that the staging of a nostalgic Christmas tale might help to restore a social harmony and well-being lost in the modern world. Generosity at this time of year is almost always equated with the material, but we’re here to show you that it is most abundantly enjoyed through simple gestures of kindness.

The Spirit of Christmas Present is a show for all ages. Bring the whole family!


Performances will take place at the Kitchen Theatre Company at 417 W MLK St, Ithaca, NY:

Friday, December 18 @ 7pm

Saturday, December 19 @ 2pm and 7pm

Sunday, December 20 @ 4pm


Performing in the show are:

Freddy Villano – MFA in Ensemble-based Physical Theatre (Class of ’07), Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre, recent performances include Civic Ensemble’s Circle Forward and Antigone.

Alyssa Duerksen – BFA in Acting (Class of ’07), Ithaca College, currently performing in the alt-punk-folk group Misses Bitches.

Brianna Ford – Pursuing a BFA in Acting, Ithaca College (Class of ’16), recently seen in IC’s As You Like It and Civic Ensemble’s Tin Can Fantasy Factory Tour of Owen’s Story.

Daniel Ghezzi – Pursuing a BFA in Acting, Ithaca College (Class of ’16), currently performing in IC’s Anon(ymous).