A Civic Ensemble “First Look”

Sunday, May 24th @ 3:00pm

at the Kitchen Theatre

417 West State St./Martin Luther King Jr. St.

Free and Open To The Public

No Reservations Necessary

We’ll be presenting a first look at scenes from The Liberator by Wendy Dann

Directed by Steve Pacek


Olivia Donaldson    Jennifer Herzog*   Craig McDonald*    Tomike Lee Ogugua

Jelani Pitcher   Parker Pogue    David Studwell*   Jacob White*

(*appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association)

The Liberator follows the rise and fall of the friendship between William Lloyd
Garrison and Frederick Douglass. Garrison sacrifices all to the cause and his
newspaper, The Liberator.

Garrison befriends the recently-liberated Douglass and they
travel America together, agitating for immediate abolition. Reality begins to hit
Fred, however, that abolition–achieved by means of moral suasion–is not so
immediate. Fred splits painfully from his friend and begins his own newspaper,
only to discover that their fierce disagreement continues to rage in the newspaper
columns week by week.

If Fred gives up on moral suasion, what new method will
he embrace? Can you legislate human rights? And what is the role of the news
media in that battle? And what of Thomas, the young Black apprentice, who tries
desperately to follow both men, swinging between his loyalty to The Liberator or
joining Fred in his new fight?