Civic Youth TheatreIn the summer of 2013 Civic Ensemble teamed up with GIAC to provide Ithaca area teens a free two week theatre experience. Led by Sarah K. Chalmers, Civic Ensemble Artists guided a group of 12 teens in the creation of an original piece of theatre which was performed for the community as part of GIAC’s annual end of summer talent show. NO experience was required. We’ll played theatre games that brought up topics and stories the young people wanted to tell. From those topics, we created scenes which were then developed into an original play.

This summer program was just the beginning. Our intention is to build a year-round free youth theatre for teens which will provide a place for young people to grow and learn within the structure of group theatre. We are looking potential participants and funders for this very important program. If you are a teen or know a teen who might be interested, or you have an idea for funding, please reach out to Sarah K. Chalmers at