In March of 2013 Civic Artists Sarah K. Chalmers and Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr. implemented a program at Ithaca College which gave students an opportunity to explore devised theatre techniques and their application in a two-day workshop. A Citizen Artist is engaged in creating art that focuses on questions of citizenship and community. On the first day students engaged in games and activities that helped them decide on a topic they wanted to explore. On the second day we explored that topic and made short original theatre pieces that asked questions about the topic. The participants in this workshop chose to explore Education.

Here’s what participants had to say:

“I was able to connect with people and create art on a topic I am passionate about. My favorite parts of the workshop was focusing on a particular issue, the dedication of my peers and the final scenes we created were impactful.”

“I most enjoyed having conversations about our passions respectfully and productively.”

“I learned about applied theatre which is not included in the curriculum here. The way we collaborated and approached the topic of education through games and brainstorming was nice.”

“There are actually really practical theatre games and tools that I feel I can apply to a variety of realms of theatre. A big tool I am taking away is an inspiration to engage communities through theatre, a passion I don’t believe I had prior to this workshop.”

“I really enjoyed the sense of play we had within the workshop. It was as if the learning process snuck up on me.”