What does it mean to be a citizen? What is our responsibility to each other? How do we navigate the inevitable ethical dilemmas we face as individuals and communities? Civic Ensemble will engage young people in theatre work that catalyzes a discussion of these questions and generate new ones.

Civic Ensemble is prepared to provide a wide rage of theatre work that engages young people in dialogue. Theatre engages participants both cognitively and affectively which means our work offers benefits that few other forms can provide. Participants in these programs may be asked to put themselves in the shoes of a mineworker in Chile, a King in England or a young person in Iraq. It is through these roles that we ask questions that challenge our assumptions about the world and our place in it. The “way things are” is not fixed but we often believe it to be so. Civic Ensemble uses theatre to break open our fixed notions and helps participants brainstorm the actions we can take to move forward as citizens of our communities, our country and the world.


Civic Summer Youth Theatre at G.I.A.C.

Citizen Artist Workshop at Ithaca College

Finger Lakes Residential Center (FLRC)

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