Rudy GersonActor, Writer, Director

company projects:

Antigone, an original adaptation, (2014, Civic Origins at FLRC)
Safety: Community Police Relations,
by Sarah K. Chalmers and Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr. (2014, Community-Based Play)
ReEntry Theatre Program
(2015, Education Program)
Owen’s Story: The Rules of the Game, Tin Can Fantasy Factory TIE Play (2015, Education Program)
On the Corner (2015, Community-Basedy Play)


One day the creative performer, the next the critical commentator, and then the committed activist — Rudy doesn’t like consistency. A theater artist, social organizer, and writer for the stage and the page, Rudy‘s interests change with frequency, yet his spirit remains constant. A native of Las Vegas, Rudy has a transient soul. He’s managed to spend the better part of his adult life in Ithaca, NY doing the work he finds most immediate and relevant to today’s present crises. While his future is unknown, he is ready to get out of his head and into his body to make art that matters.