Civic Ensemble is thrilled to announce its fifth season!

MCMA with Season

August: Civic Ensemble presents My Children! My Africa! by Athol Fugard.  The great South African playwright confronts the tragedy of apartheid in this compelling tale set in a segregated township in 1984. In the face of increasing racial tension, a humble and humane black teacher attempts to persuade his best student that education, not violence, is the answer to South Africa’s problems.

Tickets for My Children! My Africa! are available now!


After Orlando

November: November 9th and 10th, Civic Ensemble partners with Cultura Ithaca, Teatrotaller, Missing Bolts Productions, and No Passport to bring you After Orlando, a series of staged readings in response to the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub this summer.

Nov. 9th @ 7:30pm at Sacred Root Kava Bar                 Nov. 10th @ 7:30pm at Cornell Univ. Film Forum Last year, Civic Ensemble produced its first holiday show using physical theatre traditions to create a modern spin on standard holiday fare.  This production is influenced by both the humanitarian vision of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and the Rhiners — transient, often immigrant squatters in 19th century Ithaca’s West End. Stay tuned to see what we’ve cooked up for this year’s version.



WPW with SeasonMay: Civic Ensemble is hosting a year-long women’s performance workshop that emphasizes the process of developing each woman’s story into a dramatic piece in collaboration with the other women in the group. The workshop is open to all women-identified community members, students, and faculty and culminates in a performance at the newly built Cherry Artspace in early May 2017.

Click here to get involved in the women’s performance workshop!  Space is limited.


Baltimore w_ Season KirstenApril-May: Baltimore tells the story of Shelby Wilson, an African-American resident adviser for a group of freshmen at a college in New England. When a racist caricature is drawn on the dorm door of one of her black students, she is forced to reevaluate her naive belief that she lives in a post-racial society, and she must help strive for peace on campus. The play, Civic Ensemble’s second annual collaboration with Cornell’s Department of Performance and Media Arts, references true events, including the riots in Ferguson, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the deaths of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, and Sandra Bland.


CBP DESIGN2016-2017: Our next community-based play will be developed over the course of 18 months from Spring 2016-Fall 2017. Anyone can get involved in the development of the play, whether or not they want to perform. Our topic, “Education,” was arrived at from discussions that came out of our last play On the Corner, which left people wanting to address the challenges to education our community, and our country, face.’

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